And the Winner is....

First of all I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Ghost Stories Blogiversary Contest. You all came up with some really good ideas. It's now time to get to business. The winner of the jackpot of 512 credits is......Katherine!!! Congratulations. Her Idea:

The first Annual Online "Spooky-Con!" Live IRC chats for chilling story swaps, competition for the official Spooky-Con Logo, and maybe a fun event of "fill in the next line" fantasy ghost adventure written by Con attendees!

I also gave out two mystery prizes. Maritza and Samantha both won 200 credits for their suggestions. You both did good. All winners have been notified. If you have yet to respond, you need to do so soon in order to claim your prize.

Come back on November 16th for all the Blogiversary fun. There will be a new contest next month. Look for the announcement on May 1st. I have plenty more credits to give away.


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