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Ghost Stories first personal paranormal report comes from Khrysten. She has kindly sent a few pictures for your viewing. Feel free to make an observations concerning her story and/or photographs. The first picture is of her home. There's nothing strange about that one. It's quite beautiful if you ask me. However, she including her thoughts about the other two. I'll add that part later on this week. It'll give you a chance to form your own opinions about what you see. Here is Khrysten's story:

My house originally belonged to Alexander Horlick, VP of Horlick's Malted Milk and mayor of the city I live in (Racine WI) for at least two terms (the history kept in this city is a little sketchy). According to the records we were able to find he lived here with his wife, young daughter, baby nurse and maid. We didn't know any of this when we bought the house though.

Literally the house was a steal - 6,000 square feet in mostly good shape with the original 1864 horse barn still standing on the property and now used as a garage by my husband and plenty of history to fill every room. For the forty years before we bought it, the woman that owned it, now deceased, lived here as and used the home as a care facility for the sick and crazed...We also didn't know that until after we had already signed the papers. Everything seemed perfectly normal, and for the most part it still does, except for the occasional bout with strange noises and doors strangely seeming locked (Every door in this house has a lock and a master skeleton key which has never been used and resides as to not get damaged, in the silverware drawer in the first floor kitchen) and unopenable when they are perfectly able to be opened and are unlocked.

Also, I had a rocking chair sitting in my dining room off to the side. My dogs were constantly barking at it and no reason could be seen or found. And then there was the start of all the restoration work we're doing. Obviously we take a lot of pictures with all the work we're doing. The pictures are usually fine and clear with the exception of the fact that we cannot take a clearpicture anywhere in the dining room or the corner of the living room. They come out full of orb appearances.

Also, when we change something major, for instance, last fall was the beginning of the work and we got a new roof and a new driveway. Strange faces started to appear, it's always the same three faces in various places in the house and most can assumedly be written off as reflection, shadow, etc. There is an older face. This one seems to be male and quite angry and only ever shows up when something major has been done, like he's checking in to scrutinize. Secondly there is a young boy, assumedly boy (Sometimes he is a little girly looking). To me, it looks like a boy. And the third, female and only appears in tilted off to the side face position (she seems to like the upstairs windows, the first floor bathroom and the back hallway).

ADDED: There is one picture in particular that there seems to be no explanation for. We've tried to come up with reasoning. We haven't found any yet. I say it's ghosts, my hubby on the other hand is resistant, telling me it's nothing and that we shouldn't encourage it if it is. As you can see in the picture, taken in my dining room, and of the fireplace, there is a boys face on the right side of the mirror and on the lower central portion of the picture there is and orb with an eye in it. Strange enough. There is other strangeness to the face though. Said boy closely resembles someone I grew up with, when he was a child. However said person has never been to my house and is still very much alive.

I have also included a picture of the house itself and a picture that may explain why my dogs used to bark at the rocking chair (the chair itself has been moved to an empty room upstairs where the dogs cannot get near it-gotta love paranoia). In the picture there seems to be a man getting up from the rocking chair.

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Jim Windsor said…
The local history is "sketchy", Khrysten? Perhaps you just haven't availed yourself of the resources available. On Facebook, there are a number of group pages.
is a good one. I found your article through

Please don't sell us short. There are resources. You only have to look.

Jim Windsor

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