GS Question of the Week

This weeks question was inspired by a post made at Sue's and Matt's Paranomoral Blog. be sure and check it out. Here's the scenario:

You're in the market to buy a new house. After seeing dozens of the ones not right for you, the realtor finally shows you the house of your dreams. It's everything you've ever wanted and is in your price range. You know when something sounds "too good to be true" that it usually is. So, you tell the realtor that you want to sleep on it and wait until she leaves to go talk to a neighbor or two. After striking out a few times, one kind neighbor and her family relay their strange experiences there. According to them, the house may be haunted. So, do you: A) Buy the house anyways despite that it might be haunted, B) Research further before making a finally decision or C) Continue looking? Why?

My Answer: For the most part, I agree with most of the answers provided. I would do more research on the house before making any finally decisions. Maybe even go a step further and track down a past resident. With some haunted houses the activity is harmless. With others it is unbearable. My decision would also weigh heavily on whether or not I have children at the time (I don't have any at the moment). I could live with it but I wouldn't put them through it.


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