Third Season of Ghost Hunters/Criss Angel

I'm sure like some of you TAPS fans have been wondering if and/or when the next season of Ghost Hunters will begin. After doing a little digging, I found an article at that confirms there will be a third season (13 new episodes) of Ghost Hunters. However, it doesn't specifically state a premiere date. It only says that it will be sometime in October. I'll keep you updated with any new developments on this.

I'd also like to inform you Criss Angel fans that on Halloween (October 31st) on the A&E channel there will be special Mindfreak episode. Criss has invited Deborah Gibson, Steve Valentine, and Three Six Mafia to the Armagosa Hotel in Death Valley for a celebrity seance. They'll spend the night proving if the living can communicate with the dead. With Criss Angel involved, you know something insane is going to happen.


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