Papua New Guinea has been considered the real life Lost World. Many plants and animals have yet to be discovered there. But what about old species of animals? The ones that can only be seen in a picture. Josh Gates from the Sci-Fi original series Destination Truth first visited Papua New Guinea in search of an Iguanodon. It was later determined that the dinosaur was more likely a crocodile.

His next visit was to investigate the reports of another supposedly extinct dinosaur. The locals refer to it as a Ropen a.k.a. "demon flyer", but it was believe to be a Dimorphodon pterosaur. It is said to have a wing-span of about 20 ft with two leathery wings like a bat, a long tail with a flange on the end, a beak filled with teeth, razor-sharp claws and exhibits a bioluminescent glow. The Ropen is said to have a taste for decaying human flesh and has even harassed native funeral gatherings.

One of the first reports of this flying creature was made by Duane Hodgkinson who was stationed northwest of Lae, near Finschaven, PNG as part of the Army cavalry in 1944. About noon one day in August he was walking down a trail through a clearing in the forest when he was startled by a crashing in the brush. As he watched a large bird-like creature ponderously rose from the ground, circled and flew away.

The only evidence Gates left with was video footage of what looked like two glowing orbs (well it more like pulsated than just glowed). No explanation could be found as to what it was. Do you think it's possible for a Pterosaur to have survived after supposedly being dead for millions of years?


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