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I saw this question posted at Paranormal @ However, I'm going to take it a step further.

Did you ever suspect one of your childhood toys as being haunted?


DementedM said…
Ha. Good question. I had a stuffed animal monkey that was actually made of some kind of fur. It was ugly and it freaked me out and I buried it in the back of my closet.

Found you via AW by the way.

Steve said…
Nope. Nothing nasty in my toy box (unless it was so incredibly nasty that my mind has blocked the memory in order to protect itself) :-)
Anonymous said…
I did, I remember it was my most favorite doll in my entire existence. One day, coming upstairs to get her, there's a clean shot to my room that you can see and she was laying on my bed. My chest was the only thing that kept my heart inside my body, I remember her getting up and coming to me. I couldn't have been older than 10 and it scared the living daylights out of me!! I threw her away after that.
Icalasari said…
Aww, I wish my Pikachu would get up and come to me.

I once had this toy chihuahua holding a stocking once. It looked cute, sure, but I could tell it contained pure malice...

I think it is still locked up in my trunk... Evil little thing...

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