Paranormal State

I held off on reviewing this show for a reason. I missed the premiere episode thanks to the stupid ice storm. After playing catch up, I wanted to watch a few more episodes before relaying my thoughts.

While there are a couple things I like about Paranormal State, it leans more towards Most Haunted quality rather than Ghost Hunters. I like that they show dedication to helping those who contact them. I sort of feel as if all paranormal investigators should have either a counselor or therapist on the team. Just someone certified to help those with emotional stress. I also like how Ryan goes back some time after the investigation is over to check up on the family. Jason and Grant always say they stay in contact with those who they have helped (and I'm sure they probably do), but you don't see that on the show. With places like the Stanley Hotel and Eastern State, of course, they have gone back, but not with a residential location.

Everything else about this show kind of turns me off. With the director's log bit, I feel like I'm being told a story. Showing is better than telling most times. I know that every paranormal group has their own investigation style. This particular one has a lot of spirituality involved with it. They try to be scientific, but the spiritual part pretty much takes central stage. Their investigation starts at what they refer to as Dead Time or the Devil's Hour (3 am). Supposedly paranormal activity increases at that time. I guess they feel that is the time they can get the guaranteed evidence and choose not to take a chance on starting earlier. They also include the family in the investigation. I don't think that's a good idea unless it is a case where an entity is attached to a particular person. The last thing I don't care for is it's broken up into two thirty minute shows. Why? To show division between two cases? To make it seem like you are getting more as a viewer than you are? They could have made it one continuous hour show and done that.

Overall, my impression of Paranormal State is it's not terrible but its not that good either. I guess Lorraine Warren thought differently about the group seeing as she is appearing in one of next week's episode. I guess it's okay to watch until Ghost Hunters returns or Ghost Hunters International premieres (which will be next Wednesday Jan. 9th).


GL said…
Mildly entertaining show, but not much more. It feels more like a reenactment show then an investigatory video journal.

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