The Flintstones Long Lost Home

Every city, town and/or state has their own quirky landmark. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have The Cave House.

According to legend, the house was built in the 1920s by Joseph Koberling Sr. and James Purzer fronting a chicken restaurant by day and speakeasy by night during Prohibition. Pretty Boy Floyd was considered one of The Cave House's famous customers. It's unusual architecture and dark, musty appeal gave the place it's name and a few others by locals: The Weird House, The Flintstones House, The Hill House, etc.

Some say there was a secret door and tunnels that extended throughout the hillside. Linda Collier, current owner, has yet to find the door and tunnels were sealed off long ago. Although some believe remains of Klan victims are hidden within the tunnels. A secret mass grave of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots may also sit adjacent to the house in Newblock Park. If either are true, it may explain the reports of The Cave House being haunted. A paranormal team in Tulsa have included it on their "Haunted Landmark Tour" after conducting an investigation.

The Cave House currently offers tours on Saturdays for $5 per person (money goes to funding the ongoing renovations). For more information and photos:


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