Borneo Monster

Loch Ness Monsters. Bigfoot. Chupacabra. Stories of these creatures have existed for years, but not much photographic proof has brought credibility to any. The Borneo Monster in Malaysia is now in the news for that same reason.

A disaster team monitoring flood conditions spotted something unusual in the Baleh River. It is thought to be the Borneo Monster a.k.a. Nabau, a 100 ft snake-like creature. Photos of this alledge creature have surfaced, two to be exact. One was taken from a helicopter. The other from land. But is it the real deal or another hoax? I've seen both. One looks obviously fake. The other appears more believable to perhaps an untrain eye like myself.

Benjamin Radford from LiveScience brings up a lot good questions though. For example, the photos were submitted anonymously. If I had pictures of a mythical creature, I would want credit for it. That's the proof of the century. Also, why are there only two photos? If I see something weird, I'm not going to take only two pictures of it. Did the guy/girl run out of film or memory or something? Until answers are provided for these questions, I'm going to assume this is just another hoax.

To view the photos and read Benjamin's thoughts on this matter, check out his article:


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