"Death is no more than passing from one room into another." – HELEN KELLER

Brown Springs

Bachelor Grove is well known as a former mob dumping ground. Brown Springs in Thackerville, Oklahoma is also known for its body dumping past. Nestled in a low area near Chickasaw Smoke Shoppe, Brown Springs flows in to a nearby lagoon. It's neighbor is a cemetery founded in the 19th Century.

Over the last couple of decades, bodies have been discovered in the springs. These people met violent deaths in Dallas and then were taken to their final resting place in Brown Springs. Several were found in the 1970s. Then, one in 1989. One of the last ones found was a woman from Gainesville. In 1997, she was found in the springs on top of her car.

Some visitors to Brown Springs have been pulled to particular grave sites. Trees bleed. There have been sightings of a little girl standing next to a headstone marked "Butch".

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Anonymous said...

I have been there severl times , but only once up the hill at the cemetary ... I was armed with a firearm. It was very erie, very silent, very bad feeling came over me. When I tried to leave I got turned around and took awhile for me to find my out.

Anonymous said...

I've lived around Brown Springs all my life, and know the stories of bodies being dumped or found out there throughout the years. From townspeople, my grandparents and even my own mother has memories of the deaths of Brown Spring and most memorable was a hispanic man who was found lying over the pipes that run to the lagoon. In my knowlodge living in Thackerville I go out there all the time and I understand how you coud get the creeps. However when you spend enough time out there it isn't really that creepy. What is a sad fact is the desicrated burial grounds. Because of the cemetary and the stories teenagers and cults have come out to the springs to do there ritual satanic stuff for years people would find animal carcusses there, not so much anymore because of the growth of the town in the past several years, and the towns people being territorial. I believe this is a good thing. Brown Spring is a place that people out of town come because of the spooky stories, and trouble makers go when there up to no good. When I drive by the springs on a regular basis and see a car out there one fact is certain, Drug Deal, underage drinking, teenagers parking(kiss kiss), or sight seeyers. I do constantly wonder about one thing. Since Brown Springs is a ancient cemetary and on old indian territory why has nobody taken the steps to preserve whats left? At least put up a historical maker? A Fence? Now that the government owns most of the land out by the river somone should protect the history out there because it will certainly be gone before to long. Sad! One thing that always got to me... the spring water that runs from the pipes, it's so cold always so cold. Most people say "well yea it's spring water" my grandpa told me when I was young that the water runs straight through the cemetary graves before it ever reaches the lagoon. Hummm

Anonymous said...

I live thirty miles from brown springs have heard stories of very bad things happening and as a skeptic of ghost stories. Last Christmas night in 2013 my family decided to take a trip to the cemetery and to see what its all about. There were five of us. As we arrived in the cemetery it was a very uncomfortable feeling as if somebody or someone did not want us there. Me personally became very weak in my legs as if all of my energy was being sucked out of me,at the same time my twelve year old daughter was experiencing the same. My mother was snapping continuous pictures with her smart phone while me and Emily were not feeling right. At that point my daughter heard a little girl laughing she asked if I heard that I did not here it I was a little ways away from her. We decided it was time to go everyone had that feeling that it was time not feeling right. As we were getting into the jeep you could hear a loud howl almost sounded like a Sasquatch as if it was following us down the hill. Everyone heard it and freaked out. It wasn't a coyote for sure. As we were viewing moms pictures we became ecstatic. In one of the pictures you could see a tall slender man walking beside my daughter like they were taking a walk in the park. I thought wow that's pretty cool. Maybe not as skeptical. As we viewed other pics. I have never saw a flurry of orbs looking like snow. There were thousands of them and you could see faces in them. Now that was even creepier. Knowing we were surrounded by these balls of energy. That's our story of brown springs. Do I feel that its haunted? Hmm yes not so much as a skeptic now after our expierence.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from brown springs

Anonymous said...

My grandmother lives just down the road and I've been there many many times. We used to ride motorcycles on the old river roads and sandbar and even someone's bravely took a drink from the overflow pipes from the springs, young and stupid. There is an eerie feeling that one gets stranding around the springs and even more eerie feeling at the old Indian cemetery. I think I'm haunted now from taking artifacts from the cemetery.

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