Night Marchers

In Hawaii, a band of apparition warriors who move to the beat of a primitive drum. They are known as the Night Marchers or Hukai-po. Many stories are relayed about the Kukai-po. Some believe they are warriors marching to or from battles. Others speak of a high-ranking alii (rulers) spirits guided to new important locations or welcoming new warriors in to battle. Maybe they are only searching for a way in to the next world. No one knows for sure.

They roam during the night between seashore and mountains on certain nights designated by the moon. They have been known to march during the day if they are accompanying a dying relative to the spirit world. They are recognized by their raised torches and repetitions of olis or chants. Night Marchers are reported to float a few inches off the ground but manage to leave footprints in their paths. Other characteristics are heavy winds, game playing or revelry, mist or fog, and accompanying heavy rain or high surf. Some alleged marching sites include: Oahu's Pali Highway, The Kamehameha Schools campus and La Perouse Bay.

Locals say you should always show these warriors respect and never interrupt the procession. Legend states if you rest your eyes on them you or someone close to you will die unless you are accompanied by a relative a marcher. If you happen upon them, you are to crouch low to the ground, play dead and avoid eye contact. Avoid making any sound or movement or it will attract their deadly glance. Night Marchers are known to stick to their destination and don't deviate to haunt humans. Some say if you place leaves of ti around your home, it will keep them away from the area. If you hear drums in the distance or smell a foul odor, it is you who should leave the area to escape instantaneous death.


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