Haunted Pub in Search of New Owner

Almost a year ago, I relayed the story of Maggie Duffton, a former owner of the Burnett Arms Hotel who died in 1931. A legend stated she commissioned three coffins to be made after her death, one believed to contain her body and another her money. Both walled up in a hotel cellar vault.

Current owner, Malcolm Edwards hired a stone mason in 2008 to put all the rumors to rest. A 2-ft granite wall was demolished, revealing what some feared the most. Not one coffin or even two for that matter. However, paranormal activity has increased. A barmaid who used to be the cleaner many years ago saw a figure walk through a locked door one day and asked to speak to Norman. A woman has also been seen late at night wearing a pink wedding dress.

Edwards has since decided to put the bar up for sale, first time in three years. He claims the ghosts haven't ran him off but is moving on to run another hotel. Anyone in the market for a Scottish bar accompanied by a few friendly ghosts?


Julie said…
No interested in buying but the place sounds intriguing.
~above the norm~

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