Poor House Road Tunnel

The voices of children attempt to lure visitors in with their "Come on, come on". A misty dark fog envelopes you when you stand in the middle. Dark silhouettes have been spotted darting in and around the location. Such accounts are common among some haunted locations. Why should Poor House Road Tunnel in Lexington, Virginia be any different?

Hauntings spur from stories, rumors and legends. In this case, the tunnel's past can only be spoken as a legend. It began as part of a railroad system that ran from Lexington to Staunton in the early 1900s. However, it's dark past can not be verified. According to some locals, the tunnel was allegedly a location for many lynchings in the 1900s. A story to account for the phantom children voices supposedly took place in the nearby woods. Two girls were playing when they came upon an unknown male who shot and killed them both. There's also rumors of a woman being raped murdered inside the tunnel.

As stated before, it seems none of these stories have yet to be verified. However, it hasn't stopped investigation groups from stopping by.


John said…
WOw that really a nice post i enjoy reading this.

Anonymous said…
Its true, i live here in lexington and i have seen it, I have heard the kids say diffrent stuff and also have felt what seemed like hands on me. It is haunted...very haunted but it only seems to happen at night around 3 am.
Anonymous said…
I also live there and I thought it would be cool to go in there and turn the lights off in my truck,so I did and went out with my lights on , and a lynching rope with knots in it and come back thru and it was gone. So I climbed up to try to find it and it disappeared
Nate said…
I'm from Lexington and yes the tunnel is in fact haunted. Me and my group (Lexington investigation team) or L.I.T. have evp proof that something is in that tunnel and if you ever go please do not ask any stupid questions like are you a demon or such.
Anonymous said…
I live in Lexington and have been in the tunnel. They say if you stop in the middle of the tunnel, turn off your lights and honk your horn three times you'll see the woman who was raped and murdered in it. I've never seen her but the tunnel gives me the creeps and I always feel like someone is watching me when I stop in it.

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