Yvette Fielding Leaving 'Most Haunted'

After ten years, Yvette Fielding has made the ultimate decision to leave Most Haunted as their hostess. A statement was posted on the website for the show's production company Antix Productions, which she set up with her husband Karl Beattie. Fielding stated she spent the last year soul-searching before making this decision.

She feels it's time for her to move on and pursue other projects but hopes the show continues with a new a host. Most Haunted has as of yet to announce any plans to search for a new host. Don't think this announcement is taking her out of the field all together. Fielding is continuing her hosting duties on ITV2's Ghosthunting with..., a British paranormal program where celebrities help investigate haunted locations.

I've never really been a big fan of Most Haunted but if they do decide to find a new host, I hope they choose someone who isn't so annoying. Perhaps even give it some credibility. Although, I'm not holding my breath.


GL said…
I've enjoyed the show on occasion, but mostly for how ludicrous it is.

However, even when you are laughing at the whole thing, Fielding can be a bit much to take.
Andrea Allison said…
I haven't seen an episode from start to finish in years. If they can find someone who doesn't act like they're doing their first investigation every episode, it may be worth watching.
Anonymous said…
Well, i think its intresting especially when Derek Acorah is part of the investigating team, he is such fun to watch cos he some times allow the spirits to use his body and speak through him.
Ramya Haider said…
I've never heard a place so scary; I thought that the person who told me was actually just fooling around and telling Most Haunted Stories. Until I met someone who encountered 'something' sinister there, or I would rather say naughty, judging by what 'it' did not very long ago.

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