Thorpe Park Moved Ride Due to Haunting

One of the UK's biggest theme parks was forced to move a new ride to another part of the property earlier this month. Why? This decision was made after fears rose they had disturbed an ancient burial ground, resulting in paranormal activity.

Workers building the water ride at Thorpe Park in Surrey said they started witnessing ghostly sightings nearby, including what appeared to be a headless monk. There were also reports of objects being moved, workers feeling like they're being watched and cold spots.

To further look in to the matter, a paranormal investigation team, South West London Paranormal, was called in to look into the matter. They determined, using investigative techniques, Quija board sessions and mediums, an ancient burial ground or settlement may have been disturbed.

The 64ft-tall water ride, Storm Surge, was originally planned for an area known as Monk's Walk, an old footpath that has linked the ruins of nearby Chertsey Abbey to Thorpe Church since 666 AD. The ride's foundation was to be located in an area of the park where stone coffins have previously been excavated.

Due to the results of the paranormal investigation, Forensic geophysicist Peter Masters, of Cranfield University was since called in to analyze the site, using deep ground radar. Preliminary results indicated signatures similar to that of a burial ground, possibly ancient and warranted further investigation.


Ghosts-UK said…
I wonder if they will be letting other groups in from this point or if he one was enough for them?

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