Sneak Peek Tuesday - Fact or Faked/Haven/Being Human Teasers


In Fact or Faked, incredible videos continue to surface and the team is hard at work planning bigger experiments. Tune-in to the new season premiering next year to watch as the team is tasked to find out which new set of videos are… fact or faked!


In Haven, we see that Audrey has finally figured out that she’s not who (or what) she thought she was. Check on the all-new teaser and tune-in to the new Season of Haven premiering next year to find out exactly what happened to Audrey. -- Loved the Christmas episode! 


Josh is still dealing with keeping inside that one thing that sets the three roommates apart. Sally has let something into her world that she’s wishing she hadn’t and is after her. Aidan is still balancing being different like the other two, but he’s decided to give dating another try, and you’ll see whether or not he can keep his fangs to himself this time. Season 2 returns Monday, January 16th at 9/8c on Syfy!


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