Intertwined: Based on a True Story

These are the first few paragraphs of my book, Intertwined: Based on a True Story. The facts stated in these paragraphs truly happened to me. Sometimes you have no choice but to believe. Jules V. Ness 

I woke with such a start that my body had automatically bolted itself into an upright position. For some reason, unknown to me, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was being observed. Even though my eyes were still blurry from sleep and not quite cooperating, I frantically searched the immediate area surrounding my bed. I felt a sudden stab in my gut as I realized someone truly was there, standing at the very foot of my bed.

I flung my hand out sideways in the darkness towards my bedside table. I was desperately searching for my eyeglasses that I had left lying there just a few hours earlier. Without them or my contact lenses, what I thought I was visualizing as a person could easily have been my bathrobe dangling innocently from the six foot tall post at the end of my bed. As I searched blindly in the dark, I felt them for just an instant, barely brushing them with my fingertips. The force was just enough to send them whirling off of the night stand and spinning across the wooden floor. So much for that, my only choice now was to squint like a mole and try to make out whom, if anyone, was truly there.

Concentrating to focus, I was able to make out the figure; it appeared to be a woman. She was wearing a brightly flowered dress with a brown tattered work coat over it. It reminded me of the ones we used to wear on our family farm during my childhood years. The woman was staring at me in an odd sort of a way. Her head was slightly quirked to one side. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I could hear the echo of each beat inside of my head. But then, even in my half blind state, I began to notice the warm soft smile on the woman’s face. I squinted a little harder. She seemed vaguely familiar to me. My brain shifted into overdrive racing through all my past and present trying to sort out a name that I could place with this face. Suddenly, I realized who was standing there! Oh my God, it was my mother!

I had not recognized her in those first waking moments, only because she no longer looked pale and ravished as she had the last time I saw her. She appeared quite youthful, vibrant and full of love; exactly as she had been before the cancer had attacked her young body at twenty eight years of age. Mom died twenty two years ago slowly and painfully, one pound at a time. She was thirty years old, the exact age that I am now.


Courtney Mroch said…
Did you really write this? If so, how exciting, Andrea! I've often thought of putting snippets of my stories on HJ. This was fun. Love getting a peak inside your mind via a different avenue like this.
Mad Jack said…
How about trying to turn on the light, which will do more for you in a dark room than your glasses ever will.

Another thing, what would you have done if this wasn't a specter - but instead turned out to be a serial killer? Do you keep a gun in the nightstand? Why or why not?

Your story is good, but it lacks realism.
Andrea Allison said…
Sorry to disappoint you, Courtney. This story was sent in by a reader.
Gatekeeper said…
I remember reading about such encounters. I wish i could remember what it was called.
Anonymous said…
Hi my name is Jules, I wrote this book. No mad jack, I do not own a gun, it would not have helped to control an apparition, but you are right about the serial killer...and in reply to gatekeeper, this truly did happen to was not something I read somewhere, hope you take the time to read my book, Intertwined,Based on a True Story sold on Amazon. It was such a surreal event in my life, I was driven to write about it and share my story. Thank you Allison for sharing this for me, Jules V. Ness
Anonymous said…
I can believe anything now. Read mine please

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