Naples Hotel

Dubbed "The Finest Brick Hotel in Ontario County", The Naples Hotel was built in 1895 by Jeff. R. Brown. The Federal style building five bricks thick walls, three stories, Victorian Dining Rooms, a tap room and bar area, antique claw foot bathtubs, bay windows and five available rooms (Delaware, Catawba, Sake, Cabernet and Niagara).

The hotel is known for its fine dining and accommodations as well as a few famous visitors. Back when Senator Robert Kennedy was the U. S. Attorney General, he made a visit to Naples, New York and gave a speech from the front porch of the Naples Hotel. Another well known visitor was radio News Commentator Paul Harvey. One possible former guest is making a name for himself....from the afterlife.

In the 1920s, a man supposedly hung himself on the third floor. Named after a character in a '30s or '40s movie, "Topper" is believed to haunt the hotel. During TAPS investigation, they were unable to verify "Topper's" existence. Of course, the lack of records doesn't mean it never happened. Either way, there are reports of voices, objects moving or being thrown, pictures suddenly becoming crooked on their own, shadow figure, and a male spirit in period clothing.

If you want to find out for yourself, check out either their website or Facebook page for information regarding room rates, events, and future ghost tours.


EldestBrother said…
The popularity of Americas Science Fiction Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” indicates people are interested in “Super Normal” activities. A recent Ghost Hunters show filmed at the Naples Hotel in upstate NY, was found interesting by a Desposyni Elder Brother.

He used to visit the hotel, until a car crash paralyzed him. (He found the Desposyni, self healed himself and now walks by himself). Since our Vow of Silence has ended, he asked me to write a few words to describe “Topper” and explain why the other “spirits” could not create “intelligent haunting” communications at the hotel.

Now, one 4 letter word can change everything, “Fxxx you” causes fights, but “Make Love You” changes the energy. Accordingly, if I add “Holy” to the word “Ghost”, everything changes. Desposyni ( know Jesus taught people about karma and reincarnation. The term “Holy Ghost” is a reference to the permanent us, for our earthly physical bodies are temporary homes for our “Holy Consciousnesses”.

The spirits of those who died in an angry state of “Mind”, angry at how they died, etc., densify their permanent Holy Consciousness, preventing them from reincarnation for a long time. The atoms of their Holy Consciousness have become so densified that they can move objects, knock, etc., as portrayed in the movie, “Ghost”.

Ghost Hunting is easy, there are more angry spirits every day. “Partial possessions” and “ghost” visits are arising. If one is having problems, contact a Desposyni, we’re experienced in removing ghosts as well as giving exorcisms.
Anonymous said…
The explanation that these consciousness have become so densified that they can move objects makes sense. It does seems that all of these types of incidents are indeed by spirits who have unresolved issues are angry or upset about something. All the more reason to stay in the Love energies.
Anonymous said…
The theory of paranormal activity actually has to do with latent electromagnetic energy left behind by being during a heightened emotional state. The latent energy then can reach moments of strong focus to perform certain manipulations (ie, move an object, leave an EVP, change a room temperature, manipulate electrical fixtures, etc).
Some people call this energy the spirit or soul, others call it the basic electrical energy that makes a human body work. Whatever it is, it's the same thing and it's real.
As for "unresolved issues" isn't necessarily true. A great deal of hauntings are known as "redisual haunts". These are when a spirit is left in a place and it has no knowledge of the current situation in which it resides. It will continuously go through it's state unaware the year, place or others around it. These haunts are not actually a person left behind with "unresolved issues" as they are more so memories being lived out when the energy is strong enough.
Then there are "Intelligent haunts" where the spirit knows that it is there and dead and interacting with someone who is alive. The nature of the haubts depends on the person and the manner in which they died. These haunts can definitely be a situation where a spirit is around due to unresloved situations.
Whatever they are, they are terribly interesting and exciting.
Jorge Ramiro said…
I have been in the Naples hotel. Some people tolde me there is a paranormal activity. May be it could be intresting to call some people from those television shows who make some research of the paranormal activity. I mean, those dudes are awsome. Also, i think it would encrease the price of the real estate. I work with Buenos Aires Real Estate and it happend the same thing in Buenos Aires with an hotel in Recoleta, that the people says that has phantoms.
Anonymous said…
We visited the saki room of naples hotel. It was the first delve into the paranormal. We had a couple of curious events that occurred.
Definitely felt like we were not alone. At one in the morning I turned off the tv and got into bed. I felt the pressure of someone sit on the edge of the bed. A couple other interesting things happened also. I didn't feel scared. Just felt the presence.

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