Reader Submission - Cleaning A Haunted House Pt. 3

The following is the third and final installment of this story from Lori Zaremba:

Cleaning A Haunted House... Wayne's Turn Part 3

This story is for all the gentle people who are more attuned to the spirit world, who have seen, felt and reveled in the knowledge that there is life after death and we are privileged to have had these wonderful if not sometime frightening experiences. This story is for the same people who live among mortals who just don't get us at all.

I am married to Wayne, a wonderful man who at times has looked at me as if I had taken a liking to drinking out of strange toilets. I would tell him about my experiences at the haunted house and he would laugh and say "that's nice dear" like I was telling him about what's for dinner. I would always say to him "next time I am taking you with me" and he would say "never!" Well as fate would have it "never" came about a month later with a big change in our financial situation.

My hubby lost his job, so with a quick decision to not upset our finances, I went back to a career, and Wayne took over a portion of the house cleaning while he looked for another job. That meant yes, he would have to clean the Haunted House. He started cleaning the house several weeks ago. The first couple times there was nothing, not a peep. I think my little buddy was afraid of my husband, all cranky six foot four of him. That would scare any little kid. I would ask Wayne "did you see or hear anything" He would say "no". Then one day the little fella decided to come out and play.

Wayne was in the master bathroom (typical hot spot). He said while he was cleaning the shower he heard a little voice say "Hi" Wayne thinking that the family came home stepped out of the bathroom to see who was there. He called out and no one answered. He quickly finished up and gathered all his supplies and headed out to the hallway. On the landing before the steps was a ball a stuffed animal and a doll, all lined up. Wayne knew they were not there when he came up the steps, in fact he had seen the doll in the corner of the bedroom earlier. He was in disbelief! Of course someone surely must be playing tricks on him. He told me he searched the house but there was not a soul there, he also said when he was downstairs ready to leave, he heard the sound of children running in the hall upstairs. Hmmmmm... I am trying to keep a straight face and not be my usual sarcastic self. But I can't help myself... I say "that's nice dear" The next visit brought even more fun and games and had my husband re-thinking this whole ghost thing.

Wayne went to the haunted house last Friday. He said he went into the house and everything seemed pretty normal. He said he was mopping the kitchen floor and he started hearing sounds as if someone was banging on the floor above him. He would stop working and the banging would stop, soon as he would start mopping the banging would start again. He finally decided to go check it out. He went upstairs and couldn't find anything that would make that bang. He went back down the steps and as he got to the bottom something bounced past him "what?" it's a little rubber ball... Wayne was now remembering all my stories that include the rubber ball and started to get a little unnerved. He explained to me that the next 2 hours were spent dodging flying dolls, balls, picking up toys that appeared from nowhere and thinking "Keep going, get done and get the hell out of here" Finally he finished up, he was barely in the car and dialing on his cell phone, Who? Yes me, the crazy wife who see's ghosties...

I guess I am not so crazy.

I think Wayne has a new appreciation for the brave woman he is married to, who week after week returned to the haunted house alone. I have a new appreciation for Wayne and the pleasure in knowing that I am now married to a believer...

The End


Juli said…
Great story!! It's nice to hear of firsthand experiences! The little ghost boy seems very sweet and playful.
Twinkie said…
Truly a fantastic story, start to finish. Thank you so much for sharing. I also checked out your web site. Very cool!

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