Reader Submission - I am a Ghost Magnet

The following story was submitted by Lori Zaremba:

Some women attract men, some attract riches and some attract trouble. I on the other hand seem to attract ghosts.

When I was a little kid my Jitney bus driver (yes I rode the short bus) departed this earth and came to me in my dream to tell me that she wouldn't be able to take me to school anymore. Imagine my mother's surprise when I told her about the dream and 5 minutes later the phone rings with the official news from the school that Mrs Clements had passed away in her sleep.

All my life I have seen, heard and felt things that had me thinking either I was concussed or perhaps in some way I had a gift.

I'm not talking about The Ghost whisperer where Melinda carries on conversations with full body apparitions. I'm talking more like in the moments of my darkest despair, I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder, I hear a giggle when I do something stupid or amusing, I see a young man chasing my dog through the house, wait...what? Yes and I have seen and heard so much more. I think it's something that runs in my family... My mother, my sister has had numerous experiences since her first experiences cleaning a haunted house

Last summer my sister and I took a vacation together; we went to Ocean city New Jersey and stayed at a quaint Bed and Breakfast. We arrived early Friday morning and to save money we shared a room. When we checked in we were to learn that there would only be the two of us and 2 other couples staying there that weekend. The house is owned by a couple who live on the lower level with their teenage children and a dog named Daisy.

That Friday we spent a sometime at the beach and went out for a nice dinner. We arrived back at the house and enjoyed a quiet evening on the front porch. My sister went to bed about 10pm and I went shortly after 11pm. I was climbing the stairwell up to our room and I heard a distinctive woman's voice say "shhh". I stopped and looked behind me and didn't see or hear anyone. I went back down the steps, no one was there. I go back up and go into our room, my sister was sawing logs. I think maybe it was one of the other guests and somehow their voice carried to me, I can't explain it so I went to sleep. The room that my sister and I were sharing had a double bed and a set of bunk beds, since my sister was sprawled out on the double bed; I slept on the lower bunk. Creek, creek, crack went the joints in my body but I finally got comfortable and fell soundly to sleep.

I shifted in the night and I stretched my foot down to the bottom of the bed, my toes came in contact with a warm, soft, fuzzy creature and I thought to my elf "Awe Chewie your mamas girl" CHEWIE? Chewie is my dog but she was 400 miles away at home in Pittsburgh. I jumped off the bunk and reached for the light, there was nothing in the bed, nothing under the bed. I looked at my sister who was up and looking at me like I was nuts. I told her I must have been dreaming and she says she was too. Her dream was about a dog and it licked her hand, waking her just as I jumped out of the bunk...Weird. I climb backed in bed it was a while before I fell asleep.

Once again I was awakened, this time by children. I could hear them running in the room above us. This is non-stop for at least an hour. My sister woke up and said "Who do those kids belong to shouldn't they be in bed? The noise stopped abruptly and we are able to once again fall asleep.

The next day, we are baffled by the night's events. My sister asked the Inn keeper about the kids and she just looked at us and offered no explanation, in fact she just smiled and walked away.

Saturday was spent at the beach and in the evening we headed up to Atlantic City for some Casino fun! We get back to the house around midnight and headed straight up to bed. I once again got the bunk, but being exhausted I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Ok, here is where it gets really weird.

I woke up to a vibration. I realized that the bed was shaking. I mean it was shaking so bad I could barely sit up. I called out to my sister who once again was sawing logs. "Carol-jo CAROL-JO!" She continues snoring. I start laughing; I do that when I am scared to death. I finally yell "Stop!" The shaking stopped. I turned the light on and climbed into bed with my sister.

Later I was awakened again by the kids running upstairs, though I could barely hear them over my sisters snoring. I closed my eyes and thought how I couldn't wait to get home and get some rest.

We packed up the next morning. While we are packing my sister asked me to drive, as she hadn't slept a wink last night" Boy, you could of fooled me!

Like I was saying, I am a ghost magnet or maybe, I am just drawn to ghosts...

Makes for an interesting life and a good story.

I have much more to tell..


Cristeen said…
fantastic post and Thanks for sharing this info. It's very helpful.
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Unknown said…
really good one
Anonymous said…
Understand what you go threw.
Will Meadowson said…
Some people just have these types of perception I rememeber on contributor at my site has a brother that sees ghost everywhere he goes. It started at a young age too, she relates a story about how a ghost taught him to tie his shoes.

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