Little Oak Road

South Dakota lacks an abundance of ghost stories and legends. However, a small community known as Little Eagle has resident ghost who made one of their roads his home.

Witnesses have seen a 6 ft tall male spirit with red eyes along Little Oak Road. Who is he? It's uncertain. And if tall and red eyes weren't creepy enough, he is often spotted dancing and jumping high in the air. If you get close to it, the spirit looks at you and then vanishes. His spirit may not be alone. There are reports of a variety of other spirits haunting Little Oak.

Who are they? There is a story a section of the road was built over a cemetery. This could certainly explain the multiple haunting. However, others dismiss the claim. Another thoroughfare called "Cemetery Road" could be the reason for the confusion. Neither pieces of information have been really verified as of yet.

If you find yourself in south central South Dakota and come across Little Oak Road, be on the lookout for a spirit or two.

Sources: - The Haunting of Little Oak Road - Haunt in Little Oak Road


This is really scary.
I would love to read more about such hauntings.
Grimm said…
This is a great post. I really freaking like this blog! I'm really glad that I found it. I need a good paranormal blog to follow and I just followed you. I'll be checking in on this page a lot. Great job!

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chaman lal said…
nice..for more such stories please visit

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