Seven Sisters Inn

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Named for the original owners seven daughters, the Seven Sisters Inn are two beautiful Queen Anne and Gothic style Victorian houses in Ocala, Florida. They offer candlelit dinners, gourmet breakfasts, accommodate weddings and even have murder mystery events. A perfect bed and breakfast to get away. You can stay in one of it's 13 themed rooms. One snag though. The inn has permanent guests who will keep you on your toes.

Seven Sisters International House (purple) was built in 1892 and was the family home for entrepreneur and influential Ocala citizen Charles Rheinauer and his wife Emma. The couple moved in to the house in 1895 and remained there until they each died 30 or 40 years later. It is believed the house was possibly built on the very spot of a triage nearby Fort King. Her sister, The Scott House (pink) may or may not be on the site where a battle between soldiers and Seminole Indians took place. The original house was built in 1888 but burned down.

Some paranormal experiences include voices, shadows, footsteps, furniture moves, doors slamming, lights turn on and off, things move from one room to another, cold spots, people being tripped on stairs. Some spirits have been spotted as well, including a dressed-up female, a young boy, female wearing white and an old man.

So, is the Seven Sisters Inn haunted? You can find out for yourself. The Purple House has been reopened, remaining a bed and breakfast. However, the Pink House has been converted into business offices. Go to for more information on how you can stay in the inn or submit a ghost story.


Seven Sisters Inn Website - "Ghost Hunters" drawn to Ocala Inn


Aruna said…
Yet another great post .. nice and amazing
Miranda Farley said…
Is this for real? This is exciting, I wanna try ghost hunting someday.

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