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Anonymous said…
I've always been able to see and talk to spirits. When I was little, before anyone even found out that Dale Earnhart from Nascar was dead, I looked up and said "bye bye nascar guy" Then another time when I was little my mom's friend's granddaughter drowned in a pool. Before my mother knew about, once again, I looked up and said "bye bye baby" Then when I was in 7th grade I was at my friend Sarah's house and the second I layed down on her bed and closed my eyes I saw one of the many things that happened there. I could see it clearly in my head. There was a little girl dressed in a blue and white striped dress (you could tell it was a long time ago) and she had a blue bow in her hair. she was running from a man. He had a black shirt on and was drunk and screaming at her. Then I saw him push her off of the balcony above the kitchen. I had talked to some people who know about this house and the man's name was Billy West and he was killed not too long after that in her living room. The next year I was at my friend's house and we were stupid enough to do a ouija board and when i asked who it was it spelled out Billy West. It freaked me out! There is so much more that I have experienced but this is getting pretty long!
HauntBuzz said…

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