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Ghost Cam

I'm not sure how many of you watched the webcams during the Most Haunted Live shows before and on Halloween. I tried to watch them and I felt it was a waste of time. I stumbled onto another live "Ghost Cam" website. The Oklahoma City Ghost Club is performing investigations in an Oklahoma abandoned hospital. They have six cams, an infrared cam and an investigation cam displayed on the OKCGC website for viewing. The cams refresh every 15 seconds and if that's too fast for ya, you can slow down the refresh rate.

The exact location of this hospital, from what I can see, wasn't listed on the website. Even though I'm pretty sure I know where it is I won't disclose that information here for obvious reasons. They have EVPs, photos and video clips of evidence listed on their website of what they have caught so far.

So sit back and enjoy the "show".

*Update*: Check sidebar for link.


snookster said...

I love stuff like this. I was actually on last night when the crew came in and confirmes that there has been a passed history of activity in this place. I just hope to see something in the anti-hour.

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