Blood Diary - Published!

Back in October my short story "Blood Diary" won 2nd place in the Granite Towers and Runes contest. Considering this was pretty much the first horror short story I've ever written and submitted, I was very excited about this accomplishment. My prize was publication in Runes Ezine Winter '05 issue which is now available. Here is a small excerpt:

Leyla didn't acknowledge her friend's reluctant exit. Instead, she began packing up supplies. As she packed, Leyla noticed a small box hidden under the chair. "Where did this come from?" A black light sat nestled inside the mysterious box. It couldn't hurt to see if this room had any secrets. She turned the lights off and pulled down the shade. Positioning herself in the middle of the room, she flipped the switch.

"Don't tell me it needs batteries," she said, shaking it vigorously until it finally worked.

She examined every aspect of the room. Leyla couldn't believe what she found.


Jeremy said…
Congratulations! That's awesome. :)
Andrea said…
Thank You!!!
congrats southern! Doesn't it feel great.
Andrea said…
Thank you. Yes it does. Everytime.

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