Dead or Alive?

According to an article posted on the Khaleej Times website, The family of Raju Raghuvanshi was told by a distant relative that he had died from a stomach ailment at a hospital in another city. His family in Katra Village performed last rites and organized a community feast to ensure peace for his departed soul.

When Raghuvanshi reached Katra, villagers locked their doors. His friends and brothers fled when he approached them. Since none of his family members visited him at the hospital, they believed the word of the relative that he had died.

After approaching the police, Raghuvanshi is in the process of having to prove to a local committee that he is indeed alive and not a ghost.

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Thanks Southern.

I am going to add this blog to my links, since I like to link to other paranormal/horror sites.

Lonnie said…
What does he do if he loses the case?

Love your header....

Have been a student of psychic phenomena for lolts of years...Glad I happened upon you...

Andrea said…
I don't know. My guess he'll be banished from the village. I find it odd that his family takes a distant relative's word over his own.

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