Save Supernatural

The CW show Supernatural along with others are on an endangered series list. I've watched this show since the first episode premiered. Despite the heavy pop culture references, I think that the writers for this show are trying to stay true to actual folklore, legends and paranormal facts. In my opinion, that is very important. If this show was on a different night, it would have a better response. Supernatural is not the only one on the undecided list. Medium may not return for third season either.

Supernatural and Medium may get their chance. E! Online's seventh annual Save One Show Campaign is currently taking place to help boost your favorite shows chances of being brought back for another season. If you think this poll doesn't make any difference, that is not exactly true. Five out of six winning shows were successfully rescued.

The winner receives show-saving promotion in all three of our mediums—E! Online, E! News and the Vine. Plus, Kristin will personally deliver your show-saving plea directly to the network execs of the winning show. As a bonus, you can make your own SOS video, showing why your show should be rescued and submit it. The three best ones will air on their broadband channel, The Vine.

Here's what you do: look over the endangered series list and vote for the show you think deserves to come back next season. Voting ends on April 6th. The results will be announced on the 13th.

You only get one vote. So, make it count!


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