Ghost Hunters Live

First of all, last years live special was tons more better than this years. I understand they wanted to improve it but they took a step over to the Most Haunted side and it really didn't work. I was under the impression that Josh Gates, which by the way there will be a second season of Destination Truth as he plugged so many times that night, would be joining in on the investigation, but actually he was the host. One very annoying host.

This year they did a back and forth thing. It went from Josh to the investigation back to Josh then to the investigation. It seemed like when they did switch back to TAPS it was after they had seen or heard something. As a viewer it was frustrating.

Then they had a couple of interactive things they introduced this year that I didn't care for either. One was the live chat. I'm perfectly fine with people chatting as the show is progressing, but part of it was TAPS coming out of the field and chit chatting in the chatroom. While I think it would be cool for fans to get to talk to them in such a manner but not during the investigation. The other one was the Q & A. They had Jason and Grant come all the way down from the fifth floor to answer a question or two sent in by a viewer. Again, I'm cool with this but just not during the investigation.

While there were some things I didn't care for, there were a few that were alright. I don't think they had this last year but they had live feed from inside Waverly Hills. You could go to the Ghost Hunter site on and watch it. I tried but just kept getting an error page. I don't know what the problems was. They also uploaded digital photos throughout the night. They had the panic button again. If I remember correctly, they got between 150,000 to 200,000 hits. That was alot to go through.

As for the actual investigation, like I said before, stuff would mostly happen when the viewers couldn't watch. They had several personal experiences. Elijah saw a figure while he was with Jason and Grant on the 2nd floor. A ball moved about 16 feet. They even got video footage of it moving a little bit later on. It looked like it was just rocking ever so slightly. Dustin and Kris saw a light and heard footsteps in the body chute.

Also on the second floor, which is where most of the activity happened, something was moving back and forth in front of the thermal. We got to see it do it once. Poor Heather and Kristyn didn't get much camera time until they paired up with different TAPS members. One of the most exciting moments I guess is when something supposedly grabbed Steve's leg on the 4th floor. Some may say it was the plant outside the room he was looking in but he reacted to something before coming near that plant.

The other one was experienced by Elijah Burke. Now, can you imagine some big ECW wrestler screaming and running away? That's exactly what he did. It was toward the end of the night. Steve and Kristyn I think joined Jason, Grant and Elijah and they were all talking about the shadow people they had been chasing down lately. All of sudden he just jumped, screamed and barreled through the group to get away from whatever it was. Elijah said that he felt something caressing his back and then he heard like a scraping noise (I did hear the scraping noise which is surprising considering how loud the background music was) next to him and that's what scared him. His adrenaline was up from seeing the shadow people. So, I'm not surprised and I totally don't blame him. But when you see it, your first reaction is to laugh because it looked kind of funny. However, you'd probably would have done the same thing in that situation.

The reveal was last night. The only clips they showed after everything was said and done was of the ball moving and the two experiences Steve and Elijah had. Now, that may not be all they got. They've been known to not show all the evidence the capture on some of the episodes. I guess there is a chance they caught more.

Basically, I have mixed thoughts on the Halloween special. By the way, if you've been wondering what happened to Brian, Donna and Andy, well it looks like they got their own show. It's a spin off of Ghost Hunters called Ghost International. They'll investigating places overseas. It'll premiere in January 2008. More details on that as I learn about them.

What are your thoughts on the Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Special?


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