GS Question of the Week

National Novel Writing Month is almost over(just five more days). I should be back to full posting capacity by at least Saturday.

Another trivia question (I'll post the answer later today in the comments section):

The mystery behind whether or not Anastasia is really alive may have been solved. The remains of two members of the Romanov family where never found until recently. Where were they buried?


Andrea said…
Away from the road, about 70 yards from the first burial ground, is a slightly elevated area among the trees along with bullets and pieces of jars that held acid used to disfigure the bodies.

Rav`N said…
Will they ever be able to solve it properly tho? it's all going to be guess work isn't it? Unless they can get some sort of DNA evidence or something, but with bodies nd a mystery that old....

I like the new template btw. tastefully festive

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