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Like the new template? I thought it was cute and it'll only be up for the holidays. If the falling snow gets too annoying let me know and I'll remove it.

Today's question has to do with a problem I'm sure a lot of us wished we had. While there have been many reports of stones materializing out of nowhere and falling from the sky, there are also reports of money doing much the same. Pennies, dimes, nickels and even bills falling from the sky in or near houses or apartments. What do you suppose is the cause of this bizarre phenomena?


chicagopoetry said…
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Steve said…
Well I like the new tmeplate. I didn't know that Santa had any elves that looked like that. She looks like she might be so good at filling stockings that that the old lad with the beard might forget to make his deliveries this year.

I am not sure what causes anything to fall from the sky. It is something that has always mystified me.
Rand said…
Santa's a p.i.m.p, got a shock loading up your page, pretty cool.

I'd like to think a tornado would be the cause of rocks and such falling from the skies, thought that since I was a kid, maybe there's a better explanation.

As for money falling from the sky, well Bruce Willis jumping from a plane just after finishing off a bad guy, the plane explodes and the loot flies everywhere. Ahh Bruce why didn't part 4 do it for me.

Anyways interesting question.
aura said…
Nice template. Not sure on this one. I just wish a bundle of cash would land on my front door.

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