Iron Island Museum

Buffalo's Iron Island Museum received its name due to being in a neighborhood surrounded by railroad tracks. In 1888, a wooden church stood where the museum is today. The building was converted to brick for a Methodist-episcopal congregation seven years later. It stood empty for a short period until becoming a funeral home in the late 1950s. The property changed owners once again about eight years ago when Mr. Anthony Amigone donated it to the Iron Island Preservation Society of Lovejoy, Inc. Since then, volunteers have experienced numerous amount of paranormal activity.

TAPS investigation began as always. Jason, Grant and Steve did a walk through with one of the volunteers followed by setting up their equipment in mentioned hot spots. This beginning episode of the mini-season was not a disappointing one. Kris William received a nice treat upon witnessing a first for her. Kristyn was in the middle of doing an interview when Kris saw a shadowy figure followed by a locked door open and close. The pair inspected the situation further and found no logical explanation for the shadow or the unlocked door.

Jason and Grant performed a K2 meter session in hopes of communicating with the ghost of a young boy named Jimmy who by the way was the son of the museum's curator I believe. The meter lit up in response to their questions but the two were left unsure if it was Jimmy doing the communicating or someone else. However, they abandoned the session when sounds of footsteps became present. Jason and Grant manage to discover where the footsteps were coming from, the attic. Grant climbed a ladder and popped his head into the entrance for the room. The footsteps could clearly be heard and spooked Grant when they headed straight towards him. Jason checked out the situation as well before asking Tango to actually crawl up into the room. By that time, the activity had ceased or so it seemed.

Tango attempted an EVP session in hopes of experiencing what Jason and Grant heard and saw. When nothing happened, he went into provoke mode (after asking for permission to curse). I have to saw this part of the show was HILARIOUS. I know he was trying to be professional but he had everyone cracking up. It was hard not to laugh. Upon leaving that attic, he assumed he most likely caught nothing, but after reviewing the evidence, the allege spirit was still in there with him. A very creepy EVP proved that.

Below is a video clip of the reveal. It includes three EVPs and the video footage of the door opening and shutting. Overall, a very eventful investigation.

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