Old Show Brought Back to Life

Remember Unsolved Mysteries? It's making a come back! Yes I'm being serious. HBO Distribution plans to bring it back in October 2008. Care to guess which channel it will be appearing on? Spike TV!

The show is getting a makeover. It'll feature a new set, same music, recaps of old cases as well new cases, more stories per hour, new graphics, and yes a new host. Robert Stack can't host it from beyond the grave although that would be an interesting spin. Dennis Farina was the man chosen for the job.

Of course, since it is on a male-oriented cable network, the stories are set to be more male-oriented. I guess since it's been on a girly network for so long, it's time for men to get a taste of it. Although, when it was on Lifetime, I don't recall the stories being so feminized that they needed to be altered to attract the male viewing audience but whatever.

Unsolved Mysteries airs on October 13th at 5pm and 6pm ET. Let's see if the new modernize version lives up to the established brand.


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