Nessie on Film

No I'm not referring to Scotland's lake monster. I'm talking about Sweden's version of Nessie, Storsjoe. The exciting news is they claim to have caught Storsjoe on film or rather some live being. They have a video on their homepage. I'm not sure if it's the one they are so excited about. It looks like a thermal image of a snake moving in the water.

Currently, they have six cameras in and around the lake: two high resolution, one low resolution, one thermal and two underwater. One person is employed full time to review all the footage. Twenty more cameras are expected in the future. Sweden is very serious about solving the mystery of this sea monster and it doesn't hurt to capitalize off of its popularity in the meantime, right? There's even going to be a documentary about Storjoe set to air on the Sci-Fi Channel.

The first sighting dates back to 1635. It is described as being long, serpent-like with humps, a dog or cat-like face, smooth, shiny, slimy or scaly skin, gray or dark green and either ears or fins pressed down to the neck. Turn ons are heat and early bedtimes. Turn offs are annoying people always trying to take its picture. The Monster likes to eat potatoes and Swedish turnips. Yum!

If you like to do a little Storsjoe watching, they have it set up on their website ( for all your viewing pleasure. I added the link to the sidebar with all the other ghost cams. So, you can do monster spotting whenever you like though I hear the best time for a chance to see it is between 4 and 7:30pm (their time).


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