Death By Curse

It’s no secret gangs are a problem not only for this country but others as well. Many have tried to come up with solutions. Unfortunately, nothing has succeeded. Though that may not be true.

The Filthy Fifty gang has terrorized the city of Dublin for decades. It was disbanded by a series of suicides, murders, and sudden deaths. Could the cause of these events be because of a curse?

In 2003, the mother of a Filthy Fifty victim went to a gypsy and asked her to put a curse on the gang. According to the hex, twelve members would be dead in three years. As promised, twelve members died by the year 2006. John Daly was the last of the trio to die. Upon being released in 2007, he was shot five times while sitting in the front seat of a taxi.

Did a mere gypsy curse get rid of one of the worse gangs Dublin has ever seen? Could a curse have that kind of power?


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