Yeti Footprints in Japan

Members of the Yeti Project Japan returned on Tuesday October 21st with supposed photographs of abominable snowman footprints. These climbers equipped with long-lens cameras, video cameras and telescopes found them on snow at an altitude of about 4,800 meters (15,748 feet) in the Dhaulagiri mountain range in western Nepal where they spent six weeks looking for evidence.

They examined the footprints and determined they didn’t belong to any recognizable animal like bear, deer, or mountain goats. Sherpas have been reciting stories of the Yeti dating back to the 1920s. One of the most famous hunt for a Yeti was carried out by Sir Edmund Hilary.

Others have reported seeing these human-like footprints in the mountains, but as of yet no one has come back with absolute proof of the creatures existence. Do you think Yeti is real?


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