The Haunting

What can I say about Animal Planet's The Haunting? Well, there's not too much to say. With The Haunting you're basically getting the same thing as Discovery Channel's A Haunting. True tales of ghostly encounters. Of course, since it's on Animal Planet, animals have to factor in some way.

There are theories floating around that animals are more sensitive when it comes to the paranormal than humans. Plus, there are tons of personal accounts of animal apparitions. Eastern State Penitentiary has the story of Pep. In 1924, Pep allegedly murdered a cherished cat belonging to Governor Gifford Pinchot's wife. Thus, receiving a life sentence at Eastern State. Records show he got a mugshot and assigned an inmate number. Though the debate lies with the reason for his incarceration. A newspaper article state the governor donated his dog to the prison to increase inmate morale. Now, they say he haunts Eastern State. With a story like Pep's, is it really shocking they would develop a show centered around stories like it?

Like I said before, it's formatted much like A Haunting except for a few minor changes. There's no narrator. Information concerning the story is delivered via text between interior/exterior shots, reenactments and eyewitnesses relaying their story. The background music can be a little much at times. Whenever paranormal investigators are involved, they show footage of the actual investigation. No reenactments. So, you're getting more of a first hand view of the stories per episodes, generally two per show.

Perhaps not the best but certainly not the worst paranormal TV show on air. I've heard about the theories concerning animals and the paranormal. I know it's not something I'm very familiar with. Besides, I'm an animal lover and feeling a bit depressed since my cat died a few weeks ago. Gives me an excuse to watch Animal Planet.

The Haunting on Animal Planet every Sunday at 9 pm Central.


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