TAPS Controversy: Take Whatever

Thanks to National Novel Writing Month, I didn't have the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Ghost Hunters live investigation and recent allegations. I am going to take the time to do it now. How do I feel about their "live" investigation? Allow me to give you a rundown of my Halloween night.

I stayed home on Halloween on candy duty. I don't know why I opted for candy duty because despite there being children in the neighborhood, none have the desire to come here. I guess I had hope one brave soul would take a chance. While supposedly "waiting" for the live event to begin, I filled my time with a double feature of The Good Witch and The Good Witch's Garden. Catharine Bell was great in both Hallmark films. During commercial breaks I switched back over to SyFy looking for an update on the situation. All I found were old episodes of Ghost Hunters with interludes via Josh Gates. After doing this a few times, I suddenly realize the so called "live" investigation was already in progress on the internet. Was not going to be completely televised this year. My reaction was *%@#&!!!!! But I digressed. Took a deep breath and went to the website. Guess what? Apparently, I don't have the latest Windows media player downloaded like I thought. By the time, I get it downloaded half of the "live" investigation would be over. So, I said "Screw it!", rather loud, and for go the whole thing.

My opinion of the situation: *%@#&!!!!! They couldn't get their stuff straight beforehand, PR wise. Leaving people like me with crappy computers and dial-up or those without a computer entirely with our thumbs up our English Channels watching Ghost Hunter re-runs or something else entirely. I actually regretted not seeing the Ghost Adventures Live Investigation the night before. That's just how pissed off I really was. Here's hoping they get their stuff together for next year. However, this has become the least of their worries.

Donna LaCroix (you remember Donna, right? The original case manager) made a call-in appearance on the radio show "Ghost Divas", making some pretty shocking allegations including bad ethics, bad GHI contracts involving herself, Brian and Andy, and Ghost Hunters is COMPLETELY an entertainment show. Now, I haven't heard the interview yet. Thanks to crappy speakers that don't work I can't provide my honest opinion concerning this. Some of the buzz I've read on the net makes this worse than it probably really is. From what I hear, Donna barely was allowed to get a word over the Ghost Divas' on going rants. It starting to sound to me like they genuinely hate Ghost Hunters and everything and anything to do with it, using any type of ammo they can. I like Donna. I was looking forward to seeing her come back to GHI or at least that was the impression I got. But like I said before, I haven't heard the interview or any of Ghost Divas' previous shows. So, I don't know. Jason did comment on this via Scifake.com and Donna responded to his comments on the site as well. The best I can tell you on all of this is listen to the interview here, read the comments, and then form your opinion in a respectful manner. You can disagree or not like something without being crude about it.

Be on the lookout for my reviews on the Biography Channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories, History Channel's MonsterQuest and Animal Planet's The Haunted. I'm also working on a book review of The Ghosts of Lone Jack by: Lance Lee Noel. All coming to you in the month of December.


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