Celebrity Ghost Stories

I don't really have much to say concerning this program mostly because there's not much to it. The format is very simple. Celebrities, three or four per episode, sit and relay their chilling paranormal encounters. Interweaving with their narrations are short bursts of dramatizations. It wouldn't be a paranormal show without them. The main attraction of this show is of course the celebrities who are featured on each episode.

It includes stories from John Waters, Carrie Fisher, Scott Baio, Kelly Clarkson, Jay Thomas, Barry Williams, Ernie Hudson, Traci Lords, Anson Williams, Ali Landry, Dee Snider, Sammy Hagar, Gina Gershon, Morgan Fairchild, Debi Mazar, Tom Arnold, Teri Polo, Carnie Wilson, Elisabeth Rohn, Nia Long, John Salley, among others. It also features one of David Carradine's last interviews where he discusses being frequently visited by the jealous spirit of his wife's ex. And to make things even more ironically creepy, this haunting in which he speaks of took place in a bedroom closet (coincidence?).

Celebrity Ghost Stories premiered on Oct 3rd, 2009 on the BIO channel. However, A&E occasionally airs reruns whenever they have an opening spot on the schedule or whatever. It's not a bad show but it feels like its lacking something. Ghost Stories are always compelling, especially when they are coming from celebrities, but I feel like there should be more to it.

Next on the chopping block will be A&E's new paranormal drama Paranormal Cops. Since Extreme Paranormal failed tremendously, their going to take on "the detectives by day, paranormal investigators by night" concept. From their blog, it seems like they have the best intentions, are not a bunch of crazy people running around in haunted buildings and the show may be a must watch. But we won't find out just how good or bad it really is until Jan 19th 9pm Central.


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