Eden Hotel

Much like the Gran Hotel Viena, Eden Hotel in La Falda, Argentina is believed to have a Nazi past. In 1891, a German hotelier named Roberto Balkhe came upon a vast and beautiful piece of land, purchasing it in hopes of building a grand hotel. With financial support, the construction began four years later. The Eden Hotel was completed and opened in 1899 and was considered the centerpiece of La Falda's tourist attractions as a luxurious resort.

It contained an eclectic architectural style, with French towers and German ornamentation, 100 bedrooms, 38 bathrooms, dining room, assistance for children and personal trainers, a large lounge hall, reading room with desk hall, conservatory, lounge/bar, two spacious terraces, veranda, bank, blacksmith shop, golf course, swimming pool, electric power plant, sausage factory, tennis court and amphitheater. the hotel had many famous guests including Ruben Dario, The Prince of Wales, the Duke of Savoy, Albert Einstein (1925), the Marquis of Magaz, Argentine presidents Julio Argentino Roca, José Figueroa Alcorta, other representatives of the European nobility.

In 1912, the hotel was sold to Walter and Ida Eicchorn. Both were personal friends and leading financier of Adolf Hitler and his staff officers. It became a safe haven for Nazis and their supporters before and after the war. On September 17, 1945, there was an FBI investigation to determine a possibility of Hitler's connection with the hotel's owners and whether or not he would choose to flee Germany for Argentina seeking refuge in that hotel. Eicchorn was believed to have collected money during Hitler's campaign during his quest to gain power. Former staff members recall swastikas engraved on old kitchen utensils. Hitler speeches captured on shortwave antenna on the hotel roof and was broadcast throughout the hotel's loudspeakers. It was believed to be the only place that could contact Europe. In one of the reserved rooms, an autographed portrait of Hitler hung on the wall. After the war, a Nazi eagle on the steeple was destroyed by a group of militants and a "V" (Winston Churchill) was painted on Eicchorn and his friends homes.

After the war, the hotel was seized by the government, closing its doors to guests. The building was used to house a Japanese ambassador and his family for two years before being returned to Eichhorn. Unfortunately, the hotel switched ownerships a few times afterwords and became prey to looters and decay until 1963. The current owners are in the process of restoring the structure to its former beauty. However, they are experiencing problems as the workers from the restoration company are afraid to finish the job. Paranormal activity includes the apparitions of a little girl (possibly Eicchorn's daughter), waiter, woman and babies (all died within the hotel walls), shadows, voices whispering, cracking noises and slamming doors and windows.
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Anonymous said…
Having just been to the hotel and listened to the guided tour, it really is spectacular but what a shame about the bloody looters!
Anonymous said…
i was watchinq tv and now the hotel is closed down because of a flood. some ghost finders went to the hotel nd discovered nazis but not hitler himself they made the ghost like bang on walls and make ghost detectors flash its was really cool. it was ghost hunters international
Anonymous said…
you're talking about hotel vienna, it flooded back in the seventies but after thirty years the water is finally retreated. My dad's family still live in the area. that hotel also had stories of nazis and hitler. really cool stories.
Anonymous said…
One of the buildings for the service of the Eden Hotel does have one of its walls cracked due to a flood but it is open to the public. I went last week for the "day" tour and I am going to try to go back next month for the "night" tour!!
Anonymous said…
I know from statements it was Nazi owned some Nazis after the war showed me pictures of hitler being carried around due to his parksons diease he spent his first 12 years here if theye are fact based stories but theye must be with the former Nazis here that I spoke with but hitle left after the first twelve years in the hotel
I been following it when I was down there and it points to some uboat base built into the side of a cliff that's supposedly were hitler arrived I seen the base personaly its been abandoned for at least 50 or 60 years when the cia found out it was nearly destroyed only the docks and several command rooms remain

Anonymous said…
i seen a lot of things in the old uboat base still left behind by cia some old files still readable dated after ww2 may 12 1947
all other files were said to have been taken by the cia dated laterthe uboat base even had an old r and d lab for research and development how it managed to fund itself after the war is my guess but it was destroyed it was rumour secret proects and technology was hidden here after ww2 and when the cia found out theye where here theye took all tech and documents pertaing to anything i don't knw when the cia came is hard to tell ive recovered a lot of things from that place and brought to my home in argentina old rusted out guns such as mp40s a few luger p08s mausers rifles non work but with time i can get parts from the others a assemble a working mp40 or rifle the hand guns not salvageable but make a decorative piece i collected a lot of things from this base over 10 years i had a few friends who go climbing with me help
Anonymous said…
we have managed to get permission to take what we find i had hired people to clear out rubble and had found so far several more rooms one that surprised me remained mostly intact was the generator it even started up blew at least 12 lights when it started then stoped we had jury rig a new generator in place of the old one but i know one thing puzzles me here is a place with a lot of relics and history and yet no one cares only curious people come here in hope of finding gold or something i keep getting asked did you find gold yet or are you gonna try to get tv show on it yet no gold nor will i get on tv i hat tv

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