Fact or Faked - Take 2

The premiere episode of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files certainly stirred up quite a debate last week. I truly believed this show was going to take a few episodes to really grasp an opinion on it. This week, I wasn't totally impressed.

I've seen this video clip before, but can't recall where. Everytime I see it, I always flash back to my childhood trick-or-treating days. We use to get these Tootsie pops with a tissue covering them; made to look like little ghosts. That's what the "creatures" look like to me, particularly the second one. The video is of poor quality. I'm apparently not seeing distinct features as other people are. They compiled several experiments using a neighborhood child and puppet but didn't get the results they were looking for.

So, Bill, Jael, and Larry opted for an investigation of a nearby wooded area (looked more open space than wooded). They experienced quite a bit of equipment failures. Batteries in the walkies and metal detector went out. One of their cameras came and went. One of the cameras was even knocked over. Thermal held up quite well. This is where I started to lose faith in them. They got a distinct heat signature on thermal, but instead of attempting to see what it was, they sat and played spectator. Once it was gone, that's when they went to investigate. If it were TAPS or Josh's crew, they would be running after it, but not these three. They sit with their thumbs up their tailpipes and gawk at it because that's so how mysteries are solved. I guess we'll never know what or who it was. Didn't even check to see if all their mechanical malfunctions on their end afterwards. Just a lot they didn't do but should have.

Ben, Austin and Chi-Lan searched for answers concerning this video. You can see distinct features and how the object moves. I thought it was fake the moment I saw it just by the way it looked and moved but I'm not a UFO expert. Not so much the video but the object. They proceeded with a couple of experiments, including a play on reflection. It was the one with the 20ft UFO balloon that really sealed the deal for me. Instead of calling it a day, they went in search of other eyewitnesses. Ben contacted the local park rangers. Found one that also saw the object. Confirmed it was a balloon. Also stated there was a movie being filmed in the area. Could have been one of their props. I think it's obvious the Preston family saw something in the sky and assumed it was a UFO. I find it amazing that with one phone call this mystery would've been solved. Really no need for experiments or anything.


Anonymous said…
i totally agree with you
Jennifer Oberth said…
I'm glad to read this review. The commercials did nothing to peak my interest and I'm not sure why.

I like how you compare them to what the TAPS team or DT would have done and how these people didn't - that's enough for me to continue not watching!

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