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Do you think being unfamiliar with a buildings creaks and groans is responsible for a number of paranormal cases?


Sue St Clair said…
Perhaps a very small percentage, but the majority no. I think if nothing else is going on in the building, then any sounds that may have initially startled or freaked someone out will soon be discovered by that person to be just naturally occurring.

I find that it usually takes a lot before people (other than children of course) will come to the conclusion they may have a ghost.
Robin Eduardo said…
YES. I do believe in the paranormal, such as ghosts, however I do not believe that creaks and groaning floorboards are convincing enough. Not even "cold spots" or other such phenomena. Only when you actually "see" the ghost and made a more definitive contact do I then give credit.
Jessica Penot said…
I beleive it accounts for some, but it can't account for the cases in which otherwise sane people see ghosts, hear voices, or see objects moving. So yes and no.
Theresa Wiza said…
Not always. I remember as a teenager being at a home where I was babysitting. A loud clanking noise started in the basement (I was terrified of basements). I thought somebody got into the house and was banging on a pipe. Mustering every ounce of courage I could find, because I was responsible for those kids, in the middle of the night, I crept down the basement steps and tried to find the sound. It was the furnace.

I think when sounds can't be explained, when you feel the hairs standing up on your neck, and when you have a sense that something is paranormal, it probably is.

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