GS Question of the Week

Since it's become a hot topic, what do you think the lights over Phoenix are? Flares? Airplanes? UFOs?


Courtney Mroch said…
I don't know, but that USAF guy who commented on your Fact or Faked article made sense. Sort of. After thinking about it more today I think I remembered someone else once suggesting that too and saying no way would they all be able to hang that uniformly together or go out like they did.

All I know is I lived there at the time those happened and was crushed when I went to work the other day and everyone was talking about having seen them. I felt so left out! I totally missed the action! And I was SOOO mad when dumb Gov Fife Symington (who was as stupid as his name!) held the press conference and had a man come out in an alien suit and made a joke out of the whole thing. IDIOT!

So...fat lot of good this did you. I answered nothing. Just let you know how I feel about one of AZ's ex-governors...
Above the Norm said…
Symington was a complete loser and one of our mistakes for a governor. I'm not sure how much that guy on Fact or Faked can be trusted, I have heard some not so favorable stories about him. But, I have trustworthy friends that saw those lights and swear that they were UFO's.
ryan said…
The eye witnesses I saw interviewed looked very credible, all government sources are instructed to make light of anything like this, poor attempt at a cover up.

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