Beast Legends

Take Josh Gates 5 or 6 minute case assessment, tack on a short film and you get Beast Legends. You would think a group of experts would use their time and knowledge to separate fact from fiction. However, in this little gem, they explore the legend. Put a more visual take on the legendary creatures and the stories behind them to give you an idea of what people oh so long ago may have seen and experience. They take all the evidence they collect from observing actual animals and conducting experiments and use them to digitally bring the legend alive in a 5-minute film.

It doesn't matter the details of the legend were probably exaggerated by drunken sailors. It doesn't matter that giant, colossal squid octopi hybrids most likely don't exist and never did. We can spend an entire hour each week watching them put together horror shorts using legendary beasts. I'm still trying to figure out why I should care enough to waste an hour watching this every Thursday. If I want to see a creature feature, I'll turn on ChillerTV.


Pangs said…
I really would watch this and enjoy it if they would get serious. I end up screaming just like I do watching Mythbusters.

They fashioned giant metal "tentacle hooks" on poles, whacked them on a barrel using their own arm power and used that to determine the power of the octobeast. How about getting some data on real tentacle crushing strength and extrapolating for size difference? Something...anything more realistic than what they did. Or just don't bother faking some bs scientific method approach and make whatever version of a beast you want.

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