Mr. Apple's Cemetery

Teenagers worldwide experiment with the tale of "Bloody Mary". However, Ardmore, Oklahoma has Mr. Apple. According to legend, go to the cemetery and find the headstone marked Mr. Apple. If you walk around it 3 times saying "Mr. Apple are you home" or "Mr. Apple, can your daughter come out to play?", a bright light will start chasing you and your neck will start to hurt. As soon as you get to somewhere safe and you look at your neck it looks like some one has scratched you so deep that it will leave scars.

There are several things inaccurate with this legend. First of all, it's often relayed for someone to go to Mr. Apple's cemetery. Well, there is no Mr. Apple's Cemetery in Ardmore. The deceased in question is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery also known as St. Mary's Cemetery which leads to the next issue. It tells you to find his headstone. Technically, he doesn't have a headstone. He was privileged enough to be buried in a mausoleum. Thus, making his final resting place just that much easier to find by those looking to put the legend to the test.

As for Mr. Apple making himself known, visitors have reported several types of activity. There may or may not be some truth to the scratches. Several people have claimed to walk away from the mausoleum with scratch marks, some on the neck and arms. Although not to the point of scarring. Others have reported hearing footsteps, seeing orbs and lights within the mausoleum as well as apparitions, one believed to be Mr. Apple.

If you're thinking about paying Mr. Apple a visit, you may want to reconsider. You'll probably meet a member of the local police department before any ghost.


Adsila said…
This is one urban legend I have not heard of but don't think I will mess with Mr. Apple.
pr0udmom0f3 said…
I haven't heard of this legend either, until now. Pretty interesting if you ask me. Kind of like the "Mary" legend of the cemetery in Chicago.
pr0udmom0f3 said…
FYI.. I'm also a new follower via Jessica's blog, Ghost Stories And Haunted Places. Nice blog. (=
Anonymous said…
I live in Ardmore. And I have heard or this. I live by the cemetery. I believe it is true but I have no proof yet.

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