White Lady Road

The White Lady legend has stories sprinkled in various countries. They supposedly died or suffered trauma in life and are associated with losing or being betrayed by a husband or fiancé. They have white cloudy eyes with short white hair and milky white skin, each of her physical features are very distinguished. She often appears not to be fearful in nature, more like sad. One such variation of this legend is located on a road in Leroy, North Dakota.

Legend states on a stretch of road, now known as White Lady Road, a traveling salesman became attracted to a farmer's daughter. He took her for a walk on this remote road for a more intimate encounter. When they came to a bridge over a swampy area, he made his move. Her response to his gesture was anything but what he desired. Instead of walking away, he flew in to a rage and killed her.

Today, when people travel on White Lady Road, it is sometimes met with a surprise. During no specific time at night, witnesses have been known to come across a woman dressed in white standing in the road. Before they can react, she suddenly appears on their vehicle looking inside with red glowing eyes. The purpose of her actions has been tied to her searching for her murderer. Those who have encountered her drove at high speeds to rid themselves of her presence, but she is one of determination. This particular white lady will not leave you be until she is satisfied the man she is looking for is not in your car.


Cassie Brendan said…
There are some stories where a cause of the car accident is an apparition. Well, it's really hard to judge if those rumors are true or not. But whether the ghost stories are true or not, it is important to remain careful when driving keep your mind focused on the road.
Eric Talerico said…
I was driving late one night near Virginia Beach - it was pouring rain and I really wasn't going anywhere, just driving. At the time I was in the Navy, living onboard an Aircraft Carrier - I really didn't want to go back to the ship, so I drove. At around 3 AM, I saw a woman in a white dress out on th median strip. She was running around in circles. I pulled over and called out to her, but she just laughed. It was a pretty awful sound, that laughter.
I don't remember anything else from that night, except that I wound up at an all night diner, with a big plate of pancakes in front of me. I do not know how I got from the road where I saw the woman to that diner.

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