Remember the days of Scariest Places on Earth where supposedly average families were taken to alleged haunted locations and had the s*** scared out of them? Many ghost hunting shows today are saturated in science and have left behind the scary aspect of the paranormal. One new and upcoming production company is attempting to change that.

Blood and Guts Productions has a new TV series in the works called "One". The premise of this show is to feature real people in supposedly haunted locations. Armed with only a video camera, they hope the ghosts will help to stir up some good entertainment.

One location used for the series is the South Lyon Hotel in South Lyon, Michigan. It was built in 1867 on what use to be a cemetery. The original name of the Hotel was the Commercial House owned by Baker & Hopkins. It contained four large fireplaces and gas lights. Electricity didn't make it to South Lyon until 1923. It went through several name changes as well as being gutted by a fire in 1977. It wasn't renovated in to the hotel/restaurant seen today until the 1980s. It is also believed to be haunted.

It is believed South Lyon Hotel has something in common with the likes of Cheeseman Park. When the land was being cleared to make way for construction, there was a fee of $2.50 per body removal. The mid-1800s being what they were, some people have linked the alleged haunting to the possibility that some bodies were left behind and are still buried on the property. I have yet to find anything to confirm this. However, witnesses have reported activity such as doors slamming, scratching sounds, and a television turning on by itself.

The completed show will begin broadcasting next year on Comcast cable channel Fear net.


Anonymous said…
"Suppozubly" there is no "s" on the end of South Lyon!
Anonymous said…
I live on south Lyon and have been to to hotel dozens of times. In the bathroom, I was washing my hands and doors to all the stalls opened and closed one after another as if some one was looking for a clean stall. Ive also felt a random wind in the middle of the building with no apparent source. Also, ive been in other buildings around town and have had some e other expiriences as well. Good luck with the show!

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