Sneak Peek Tuesday: GH/Paranormal Witness/Haven

Adam is discussing their current location as they’re investigating a basement that would probably make most feel claustrophobic, as it’s a small space and the EMF reader is jumping off the charts. They hear footsteps above them that seem to be in a hurried rhythm, but no one is supposed to be upstairs. They even touch their hands to the floorboards above and can feel the vibrations of the steps. Steve and Tango are called in to do a quick run through of the first floor. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in on Wednesday 9/8 c to see what’s causing Adam and Jason to lose focus as their ears perk up to potentially the paranormal.

In the next episode, a woman wakes up from a dream and is breathing heavily after seeing a child wake up within the dream. She immediately calls her sister and brother-in-law who are 600 miles away. Her dream was a nightmare where she kept seeing the number 16 pop into her head multiple times. Watch the clip and tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c to find out what the number 16 means and who the boy is that lies within her subconscious.

Audrey is tip-toeing through the forest with a flashlight and gun in hand, looking for Nathan. A teen has gone missing and there’s a search party out, but they know they’re chasing the troubled. The reverend claims they’re going to search his way, and they have to start with wiping out Audrey’s own troubles. Audrey asks him, “Where’s Nathan?” He doesn’t reply and simply walks away. Watch the clip and tune in this Friday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if Audrey can find Nathan and avoid whatever the reverend has up his sleeve!


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