Sneak Peek Tuesday: GH/Paranormal Witness/Haven

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, the team heads up creaky stairs to a musicians loft within a house that already looks haunted. Evidently there have been reports that a face has been seen floating from the loft. They’re trying to disprove that the floating head could simply be a reflection so they turn on a light. All of a sudden the light turns off on its own. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c to see if they find out how the light turned off, and if the floating head reappears.

In Paranormal Witness, we have two sneak peeks for each story within the upcoming episode. In the first, a girl and her mother are cookind dinner and are simply catching up on their day. All of a sudden they hear loud, heavy footsteps above them. Although they’re startled, they decide to go see what’s making the noises. The mother goes out ahead with her daughter gripping tight to her shirt. You’ll have to watch the clip and tune in at 10/9c on Syfy to see if the mom and daughter had an uninvited visitor in their home, or if there was nothing to worry about.

Finally, in the second Paranormal Witness sneak peek, a mother is putting her baby son down for a morning nap in their new home. She then went to the kitchen to start preparing lunch. She and her husband then hear the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over the baby monitor, but there is nothing in the baby’s room that could produce that music. The tune goes in and out but the baby isn’t crying so they figure he’s alright, until a dark, sinister voice calls out his nickname and sends the baby boy into shrills. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in to see what was causing harm to this child.

Duke has a run in with the Reverend, and encourages Audrey to step inside the house that they arrive at, so he can deal with his unwanted guest although she can’t see him. Duke warns him that he better not be there to hurt Audrey. The Reverend assures him he has more important things to do, like come back for him. Duke firmly states that he’s not interested, to which the Reverend exclaims, “People followed me when I was alive, think about what they’ll do for me now.” Watch the clip and tune in this Friday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if Duke is able to side-step the efforts of the Reverend, or if more of a fight will need to be put up to keep himself, and maybe others safe!


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