Sneak Peek Tuesday - GHI/Face Off/Being Human

In Ghost Hunters International, the team travels to San Ignacio, Belize to help a man who is being tormented by spirits that haunt the Mayan Ruins of Cahal Pech. Catch the sneak peek clip as Susan takes part in a bloodletting ritual in order to contact Mayan spirits and tune in to the all-new episode next Wednesday, March 14 at 9pm ET.

The season finale of Face Off premieres next week and the three remaining contestants are allowed to select three former contestants to join them in the final competition. Catch the all-new sneak peek and tune in as Rayce, Ian and RJ compete to be crowned the king of makeup magic!

In Being Human, Sally lies, unable to wake from a dream and Josh and Aidan are found wondering where she might be. Apparently, Sally is actually dreaming about a life with the Reaper and might be locked inside forever. Tune in Monday to see if Sally will ever regain control and wake up from this dream.


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