Trocadero Pub

A fair share of haunted establishments have phantom inhabitants which could only be described as “friendly.” The Trocadero Pub in Birmingham, England is among them. Their most well known ghost is former landlord Henry Skinner.

The Trocadero Pub began as the Fire Engine House for the Norwich Union Insurance Company (1846, Edge & Avery) in the 1800s. In 1883, it converted into a drinking house known as The Bodega. Henry Skinner served in the military before taking over the upscale wine bar. December 5, 1895 was the last day he stepped in to the building…alive.

Henry hired Arthur Allen to work as barman in the Bodega. For whatever reason, he fired him, but that would not be the last time he would see Arthur. The former employee returned with brother Herbert the next day to collect his wages. The men argued over the money. Arthur pulled a gun. The first shot hit the wainscoting. He turned around and the second shot hit him in the chest. Henry didn’t survive his injuries. However, his death would not be the only one to take place in the building. There is a story of two girls who fell down a spiral staircase to their deaths.

The pub became the Trocadero in 1902 and is believed to be haunted. Staff and visitors have concluded that Henry is behind most of the activity. He rattles and knocks over glasses, flings beer mats and change and moves things. The staff has discovered all types of objects on tables including clocks. Not to mention, he has been seen hanging around the building and he is not alone. Witnesses have seen two young girls at Trocadero. Other activity includes the smell of burning wood, strange lights and various noises.


Courtney Mroch said…
Ah ha! Here it is! Don't know why this spooky little pub was so popular lately, but it seemed you were on the same wavelength as someone else about writing about it. Pretty wild!
Andrea Allison said…
I think it has something to do with an article that was recently published about the place. At least that's where I heard about it.
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